Breaking Road Safety News:
Kunhadi at the 4th Global Meeting of the Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs in Marakesh    Kunhadi launches "Nothing is scarier than losing a mother" campaign for Mothers Day    Kunhadi holds second road safety training session for the UN Spanish troops    Post-2015 policy briefing focuses on road safety in the SDGs    Kunhadi launches new Valentine's campaign 'A hug on the fly won't do    #SaveKidsLives during launch of Kunhadi new Valentine's campain    Kunhadi Gives Road Safety Conference for Spanish Troops    A.G.B.U. Conference in Memory of Arine Tchertichian and Anthony Kouyoumjian    60 Free Taxi Rides Offered by Kunhadi on NYE    Traffic Management Center to offer 100 taxi car for free on NYE    Drunk driving awareness in Mar Mkhael and Gemmayze    Kunhadi and Rotari Club Tripoli install light reflectors on Palma curves    UNIFIL and Kunhadi conduct road safety campaign for children    Save Kids Lives road safety campaign goes global    Kunhadi signs Save Kids Lives declaration and brings the global road safety campaign to Lebanon    Road safety conference at Public Primary School of Yarin with UNIFIL and students sign Save Kids Lives declaration    Kunhadi and Roadster Diner install safe crossing in front of AUB main gate    Kunhadi raises awareness in World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in Sin El Fil Garden    Kunhadi installs safe crossing in Sassin in collaboration with residents    The strict enforcement of speed limits guarantees a 1.5% increase in GDP    ISF distributes Kunhadi distracted driving flyers to raise road safety awareness 

News | March 27, 2015
Darren CottinghamWe all know that you are not allowed to drive while holding a cellphone in your hand but you are... 
Conferences | March 26, 2015
AOU students in Beirut learned how their behavior can make our roads safer.  
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