Newly weds offer free taxis to their guests on their wedding night, in collaboration with Kunhadi


After prom nights and party organizers began reaching out to Kunhadi to encourage their friends to take Taxis, wedding planners started doing the same.

Patrick Aoun and Ursula Kaakati wanted to make sure their wedding remains an unforgettable fun memory, so they collaborated with Kunhadi to encourage their guests to take taxi rides back from the wedding party to their houses.

Taxi cars were stationed at the wedding venue in Beiteddine (40 km away from Beirut) on June 25, available for anyone to take them back home safely. Chauffeurs were also present at the venue to drive guests who arrived with their own cars but needed a designated driver to take them back home.

Kunhadi sends all its love and good wishes for the newly weds and applauds their initiative to watch over and protect their loved ones on the road.